With his rhythmic debut EP titled ‘Island Hoppin’’, it’s no surprise where Eto’s influences lie. Born in the island of Puerto Rico to South American parents, he moved to the Japanese archipiélago in 2006 where he started his musical career as a drummer and singer with different bands in the Tokyo music scene. After the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 forced bands into hiatus, Eto went back to his roots to produce his first solo project. In July 2020 he released his debut EP Island Hoppin’, following it up with his first festival performance at the M-Festival, held in Niigata, Japan in October of the same year. In 2022, he met with world-renowned producer AleNoise (Sony Music) and together they produced the song Rumba Buena, released in October of 2022. His new single ‘Hechizá’ will be released on July 31st.